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About Us


As a couple, we believe it is vitally important to provide peace of mind to our customers, ensuring that their puppy will be cared for and loved before they go to their forever home. 


Having had a background in my family's dog business, Apricot Lane Puppy (, I have been able to be an intregal part in every phase of the puppy process. From the birthing process to the exciting time the puppy meets their new family, it is important to do what is best for the puppy in all circumstances!


I have owned and operated my own lawn and landscape business for the past five years. I value honesty and hard work! Being successful is built in the relationships that are made along the way, so I am excited to establish this business with that aspect in mind. My family is full of animal lovers, so taking care of these beautiful cockapoos together is like a dream come true! 


My wife, Kaylee, grew up on a farm, so, naturally, taking good care of animals is the top priority. Her aspiration is to teach children, but she is thrilled to know that she can train our beloved cockapoos before they are ready for a loving home. Though Kaylee is newer to the business-owning aspect, she is excited to begin this journey and grow our business together! 


After Kaylee and I went on our first date during my sophomore year of college, we recognized that our goals in life aligned, making it perfectly clear that meeting each other was the beginning of our forever. Common values of faith and family compelled our continued pursuit of each other. Now looking forward to our forever, we are thrilled to begin our journey of life together and build this business into a success, providing the assurance of trustworthiness and hard work to our future customers! We are already so excited to hear from you!!

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