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All You Need to Know Before Adopting a Cockapoo


1.    What is a cockapoo? The cockapoo breed is 50% cocker spaniel and 50% poodle. Be aware of some breeders who do not have their parents AKC registered, as they may not have full-bred parents, resulting in a puppy that is not truly a cockapoo.


2.    Are cockapoos good with other dogs? The cockapoo puppies are known to be very friendly and kind to other dogs. The cocker spaniel in the cockapoo creates the sweet personality that people love. 


3.    How long does a cockapoo live? The American Cockapoo club says, "Cockapoos tend to be quite long-lived, as with a lot of smaller dogs, and it is not unusual for this breed to live to 15 years of age or more." The cockapoo life expectancy is due to the great health of the designer cross-breed of a cocker spaniel and poodle. 


4.    Do cockapoos bark a lot? Every puppy has its own little personality. I cannot tell you that your puppy will or will not bark, but cockapoos as a whole are not known as excessive barkers. 


5.    Are cockapoo puppies hypoallergenic? Yes! The designer cross-breed cockapoo is half-poodle, resulting in a hypoallergenic cockapoo. 


6.    Where can I buy a cockapoo? Willow Lane Puppy is what we recommend haha! Be very careful when buying puppies from just any person claiming that they have cockapoo puppies. Be aware of the living conditions of the parents and puppies, as many puppy mills will look to sell you a puppy who has been neglected and improperly treated.


7.    What color does a cockapoo come in? A Cockapoo's coloring varies depending on the parent dogs. Cockapoos from Willow Lane Puppy will be red, apricot, and have possible hints of white!


8.    What is the difference between a cockapoo and a cavapoo? The cavapoo is a cavalier mixed with a poodle, whereas a cockapoo is a cocker spaniel mixed with a poodle.


9.    Do cockapoos smell? A cockapoo is known to be a cleaner dog, as both the poodle and cocker spaniel are not naturally messy or dirty dogs. As long as you keep up with proper, scheduled bathing of your dogs, you will not need to worry!


10.   What is the size of a full-grown cockapoo? Cockapoo size from Willow Lane Puppy is approximately 15 to 20 lbs. Our miniature poodle is 12 lbs. and our two Cocker Spaniels are 22 and 24 lbs., making the puppies fall right in the middle. 


11.    How big is a cockapoo puppy? Every puppy can range from about 4 to 8 pounds when they will be released to their forever home at 10 weeks.


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