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Willow Lane Puppy
Willow Lane Puppy

Willow Lane

Willow Lane Puppy

Reservations are open! We are so excited to announce a new litter of puppies were born May 7th!  This litter will be ready to join their loving families at 10 weeks old on July 16th! Sign up to join our Mailing List to learn more about the reservation process!


- Abe and Kaylee



My family has been in the puppy business going on 13 years now! Willow Lane Puppy is a new spot to find adorable apricot and white cockapoos. The idea to have puppies was birthed from how much my wife (Kaylee) and I (Abe) are in love with our two beautiful Cocker Spaniels, Skye and Elle!

Willow Lane owners Kaylee and Abe


Kaylee is from North Carolina and I am from Ohio, but we met in California! We prioritize faith, family, and adventure. Kaylee and I both love experiencing new places and activities. We both adore dogs and love doing everything to the best of our ability. We cannot wait to raise a puppy for you and your family!

Willow Lane owners Abe and Kaylee
Willow Lane owners Abe and Kaylee

Our Priority is Quality

The Parents - Skye


Parent Selection

We spent hours just to find the right parents. We were looking for AKC registered pure-bred cocker spaniels with apricot and white in the bloodline! Once we found the right puppies, we purchased them with the proper breeding rights in order to start our business on honesty and integrity. 

Love and Care

Our parent dogs have lived in our house from the second we received them. They absolutely love to play together all day! Just last week, Skye decided to jump into our pool!! As I went to grab her quickly, I realized she was already a great swimmer! 


Our parents have been given all shots and are taken to the vet regularly. They have been genetically health tested by Embark and are AKC registered. We take the parents' health seriously not only because they are our pets, but also because we want to have high-quality puppies! 

The Parents - Elle


Why Choose a Cockapoo?

See the Benefits

1. Hypoallergenic - Our cockapoos are half-poodle, making them great for anyone who may struggle with allergies. 

2. Non-shedding - The poodle does not shed, resulting in a puppy that does not drop messy hair around the house.

3. Family-oriented - Cockapoos are known to be one of the best family pets, because of their loving spirit to kids and adults alike.

4. Forever young - This designer breed puppy has the teddy bear face that is all the rage.

5. Smart - Being half-poodle makes the cockapoo a very intelligent and smart puppy.

6. Loyal - The half-cocker spaniel makes the cockapoo extremely loving to its owner.

7. Hybrid cross - Because the cockapoo is a cross-breed, genetically there are fewer issues with their health.

8. Gentle and caring - Cockapoos are warm and compassionate to all ages, making them a great puppy. 


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